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The shield signifies that knowledge will intercept  all kind of decadence.The three columns signifies the three important aspects of human development that is physical, spiritual and mental.The symbol of science and technology, and orbits illustrates that these fields are emphasised according to the objectives of national development towards a progressive nation.The symbol of sports signifies the school's efforts to produce healthy, active and unified citizens.White illustrates purity that will encourage noble ambitions.Blue illustrates harmony and peace ; qualities that must be instilled in every students.The symbol of book and torch signifies that knowledge gained from correct and valid sources will surely enlightens one's life.Paddy stalks signifies.That every good effort is like a seed that will produce many-fold results.The head of and eagle is in accordance to the indentify of Pulau Langkawi.The white lines illustrates that all human activities that starts with a high and noble ambition along with meticulous planning will be successfull.Red illustrates perserverence and courage to face all kinds challerges.