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  The Religion
Islamic education is a continous effort to convey the skills and  emotional experience according Al-Quran and As-Sunnah to form behaviour,skills personality and view of  life as the slaves of  Allah with the responsibility for the development of the self, society, environment and the nation towards achiving good on earth and peace and tranquility
in the hereafter.
The School
The philosophy of education at Sekolah Menengah Mahsuri is a consolidated process aimimg towards developing a dynamic individual with intellectual ability, spiritual values, steering towards physical and emotional strength through stimulating activities to ward off laziness.
The Nation
Education in Malaysia is a continous effort towards expanding individual potential as a whole and is consolidated to create a balanced and harmonious interllectuality, spirituality, emotionality, and physical being with believing and abiding in GOD. This is in light of developing Malaysians with high content knowledge, fine moral attitude, responsible, and the ability to attain self esteem and contributing to harmony and prosperity of the society and the nation.